• Version: 1.2.1
  • Compatibility: Joomla 3, Joomla 4

The default Article News Flash Module with extra options and jquery Touchslider.js

The default Article News Flash Module with extra options and jquery Touchslider.js


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Module Settings

Category="Select Articles from a specific Category or a set of Categories. If no selection will show all categories as default."

Tags=”Assign tags to content items. You may select a tag from the pre-defined list or enter a new tag by typing the name in the field and pressing enter”

Show Images="Display Article images."

Show Article Title="Show or hide the Article title."

Linked Titles="Link the Article titles to Articles."

Header Level="Select the desired HTML header level for the Article titles."

Title Color="Select color for title"

Article Info="Show Author and date of article"

Author="Display Author Enable / Disable *Article info must be Enabled"

Trigger Plugin Events="Triggers additional plugin events to display additional content like custom fields or voting information."

Custom Fields="Custom Fields align, left right or center"

Intro Image="Display Article intro image"

Resize Image="Crop and auto"

Image Height="Height of the image px or %"

Image width="Width of the image px or %"

Show Intro Text="Show or hide the article intro text."

Read more ...' Link="If set to Show, the 'Read more ...' link will show if Main text has been provided for an Article."

Number of Articles="The number of Articles to display within this module."

Featured Articles="Show or hide articles marked as featured."

Order Results=Select the order in which you want query results presented. "Created Date", "Modified Date", "Published Date", "Ordering", "Random"

Direction="Select the order in which you want query results presented."


Slider Settings

HEIGHT="Slider height. px or % *works only if Resize is oFF"

ROLL="Infinite scroll"

Resize="Resize slides"

VIEW="How many items in one slide"

PAGE="Starting page for the Slider"

GAP="Space between slides. Usefeul when VIEW is above 1"

AUTOPLAY="Autoplay Enable / Disable"

INTERVAL="Time to be elapsed between slides"

TRANSITION="Enable CSS3 transitions"

SPEED="Animation speed"

PAUSE="Pause on mouse hover"

BUTTON AREA="Enable / Disable buttons and page counter"

CURRENT="Current Slide or Page displaying"

TOTAL="Total number of Slides or Pages"

NEXT text="Text label for next button"

PREV text="Text label for prev button"

Button Back="Background color for buttons"

Button Color="Text color for buttons"

Counter & Buttons height="Counter & Buttons height. px or %"

Counter font size="font size for Counter text"

BACKGROUND="Background color for Slider"

FONT SIZE="font size for sliders text"

COLOR="Color for sliders text"

Counter Back="Background color for counter"

Counter= "Enable / Diasable Counter"

Paging="Enable / Diasable Counter"

Paging Position="Select position for paging, left, right, center"

Paging Type="Select paging type. Text or Color"

Color="Color for paging buttons"

Active Color="Select color for active paging button"


Advanced Settings

Custom Css="Custom css code for more design"

Jquery="jQuery Enable / Disable"

Layout="Template selection Default or Slider"




Slider template

  • Cylex Legal

    Cylex Legal










Default template


Our modules are distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.

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  • Changelog:

    Version 1.2.1

    Added Mode type

    Updated jquery.touchSlider.js to version 1.6.10

    Version 1.2

    Fixed some code for better Joomla 4.x compatibility

    Php 8 compatibility

    Version 1.1.1

    Fixed some code Joomla 4 Alpha compatible

    Version 1.1.0

    Added - Pagination - Js Script Update - and more