Custom Carousel Pro
  • Carousel Border = Border for Carousel e.g. none or 1px solid #eee
  • Carousel Box Shadow = Box Shadow for Carousel e.g. 2px 2px 10px #ccc
  • Loader = Slider loader Enable / Disable. Note: Use Loader for Large carousels and disable loader on all other carousel if you ue multiple itance of the module.
  • Loader Background = Loader background color selection
  • Loader Background Image = Loader background image. Images must be located to IMAGES folder e.g. image.jpg
  • Loader Background Repeat = e.g. repeat | no-repeat | repeat-x | repeat-y
  • Progress Bar = Enable / Disable loader progress bar
  • Progress Bar color = Progress Bar color selection
  • Progress Bar height = Progress Bar height e.g. 10px or 10%
  • Progress Bar position = e.g. top | center | bottom
  • Percent = Enable / Disable Show percent of loading progress
  • Percent font = Font size for percent number e.g. 50px
  • Random = Shuffle carousels for random ordering
  • Nav Bar padding = Nav bar padding px or % 5px 0
  • Nav Bar Background = Nav bar background color selection, default is none
  • Nav Bar buttons align = Select an option for Nav Bar buttons align position
  • Nav Bar Top = Position from Top of The Module px or % e.g. 30px or 50%
  • Buttons Size = Size of prev and next buttons e.g. 20px
  • Buttons line-height = line-height of prev and next buttons e.g. 15px
  • Buttons border = border of prev and next buttons e.g. 1px solid #000 or none
  • Buttons Background = Button background color selection
  • Buttons text Color = Buttons text color selection
  • Buttons Radius = Border radius for buttons e.g. 10px
  • Buttons hover Background = Button hover background color selection
  • Buttons hover text color = Button hover text color selection
  • Buttons margin = Margin for buttons e.g. 10px
  • Buttons padding = Padding for buttons e.g. 10px 0
  • Left button float = float position for left button. select none, left and right
  • Right button float = float position for right button. select none, left and right

simple carousel demo


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